This will be the most life-changing weekend you will ever experience

Flip the Switch Live | Luxury Transformational Retreat

Ōtaki, NZ, 2nd to 4th September 2022


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Rapid Transformational Therapy has helped people in all walks of life – including A-List Celebrities, Olympic Athletes, Royalty and Top-Level CEOs and now we’re here to help you.

Is there something missing in your life? Is it Perfect Health?

If you want to reprogram your mind to regain and maintain your Perfect Health…

Flip The Switch can show you how. 

This transformational weekend is all about discovering how you can find the answers you need and change your life accordingly. 

This is exactly why we have designed this luxury retreat. We will guide you through a powerful process to uncover the subconscious limitations to your Perfect Health. We’ll dissolve those barriers and set you on a path to real transformation. From morning meditations to power presentations, understanding the rules of your mind and the science of healing – there are answers and we can help you find them.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

This transformational weekend is an opportunity to Flip The Switch in your life.. If you know it’s time to transform your health then this weekend is tailor made for you. It’s all about you – from the location and the cuisine of our super-chef, right through to the whole weekend’s incredibly powerful and effective therapy.

RTT: Rapid Transformational Therapy

95% of the time we act from the subconscious mind. It’s the real driver in our lives.

Rapid Transformation Therapy is specifically designed to identify the limitations that are hidden in our subconscious. We can show you how you can transform your life and get to the root cause of your problems – most especially your health.

RTT is internationally proven to be one of the most successful therapies in the world.

The  Focus  For  Our  Retreat

Perfect Health

We will uncover the limiting beliefs that have impaired your right to be well.

We’ll unravel that and reset those subconscious expectations, replacing them with powerful new ones that will ensure you no longer believe that your past equals your future.

Using hypnotherapy, Cell Command Therapy and the Healing Vortex we will sweep your body clean of anything that ails you. You’ll be guided through a life changing process that will establish your personal blueprint for perfect health.

Strong Self-Esteem

“You will only go as far as your self image allows”

Which is why self esteem and self worth are fundamental to how you see yourself in life and the success you can achieve. With a strong foundation of self esteem, you can build your life with confidence.

You need to know you are worth it before you can be well.

All this and luxury too

You will feel you have been transported to a grand Italianate Villa with your stay at The Milk Station, in Ōtaki on the Kapiti Coast. Giant flagstones, a vast solon with an open fire and all the elements of la dolce vita will be your experience for the weekend.

We promise to serve you the most beautiful food and matching wines – reason alone to join us for the weekend.. 

From Friday afternoon till Sunday after lunch, this will be a weekend of enablement and empowerment in real, quantifiable terms for you.. We will take care of everything from glorious food, gorgeous wines, a fun cocktail event on Friday and a gala champagne dinner on Saturday evening.


You’ll be part of a small group of about 25 who will have guided, powerful therapy sessions, breakout groups and presentations. You’ll have weekend access to mix with our wonderful, highly trained therapists. [Please note that you will not be asked to share anything personal in front of others.]

A thought from Margôt
I really didn’t want to use cliché stock photos for our Flip The Switch Live Retreat and we seem to have chosen – not at all consciously – beautiful photos taken by The Alchemist that have raindrops on them. I thought I should investigate the meaning of raindrops from a symbolic point of view. Here are the five things I found.

They represent:
1/ Joy and gladness
2/ Increased insight
3/ Renewal
4/ Freeing of negative energy
5/ And, you guessed it, the 5th one was Healing
Please feel free to email us to ask for further information or just to have a chat about any details.  

A taste of our Cuisine and a glimpse of the Milk Station

Meet Your Hosts

We are delighted to have guest facilitator Helen Cartwright – who has trained with the world-renowned Tony Robbins. Helen will be delivering her legendary powerful purpose presentation. Clau Laschet will be speaking to us about the science of our mind – the science of healing and Margôt will be guiding you through the therapy process.

Margôt DeCotesworth

Margôt DeCotesworth

Principle RTT Therapist and Coach

Helen Cartwright

Helen Cartwright

RTT Therapist, award winning businesswoman and Mentor

Claudia Laschet

Claudia Laschet

Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP, & RTT Therapist


“Margôt has guided me through an amazing journey/session where I discovered  so many other things about myself. Now my life has taken another turn in another direction in the direction of unlimited”


“This session was just what I needed and you were the perfect person for the job Margôt so thank you so much”


Since, I have had some great positive changes. I feel calm again and I am starting to be able to focus on work and what I need to do for my business. I had a week where I think I was just in healing mode

I just wanted to say thank you again Helen, you went above and beyond


“Working with Claudia was the most incredible experience.  She exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend that you work with her. I feel amazing and inspired by my newfound confidence within myself!”“This session was jusht what I needed and you were the perfect person for the job Margôt so thank you so much”


What is this worth?

As practitioners of this incredibly powerful therapy we know that this retreat is of inestimable value. What is your health worth to you?  Ask yourself “What am I worth?”

We don’t do talk therapy, we do life-changing therapy. If you know it’s time to make a change for good then join us for a spectacular upgrade of your life and most especially – your Perfect Health

Don't Miss Out on This Powerful Transformational Weekend

nIf you ever wonder if there are signs in life – pointers that show you where to find the answers you are seeking. – this weekend retreat for Perfect Health is such an answer. 

It’s time to take a leap of faith, believe there is wholeness available for you and let us guide you to finding the way there.


  • We will show you how to identify, with clarity, the subconscious reason you don’t have great health

  • We will show you how to Flip The Switch on that underlying belief. And then we’ll reframe, rewire and reprogram your mind for powerful success

  • Together we’ll create a transformational new paradigm for you that will establish your perfect health and carry you into the future

  • Afterwards you’ll have our full support so you can maintain your strong new stand – your place of Perfect Health

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